Payroll 4 SXM

Payroll 4 SXM 2.0

Payroll 4 makes professional payroll processing easy and affordable for everyone
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Payroll 4 is the easy, most complete and best selling payroll program in Aruba and the former Netherlands Antilles, with the best support. It was developed especially for companies of any size to process pay slips, payroll taxes, social premiums, pensions, vacation money, savings accounts, sick days, vacations days and much, much more.
No longer will you need to use spreadsheets, or complicated and expensive software. Payroll 4 makes professional payroll processing easy and affordable for everyone. The program is so easy, that you will be able to install it yourself and you can immediately start using the program. The complete user manual and the the buildin help function give provide you with step-by-step instructions.
The years of experience with the program guarantees the correct tax and premiums calculations, so you don’t have to worry about paying penalties to the tax-inspector. Monthly and/or yearly submission at the tax collector, SVB and the the labor department will become a piece of cake thanks to the built-in reports.
Main features:
Compute Payroll Taxes and all Premiums
Process Vacation and Sick days
Pleasant and easy to use interface
Four attractive and informative
payslip layouts to choose from
# More than 30 different reports
Unlimited employees
Multi-language (English, Dutch and Papiamento)
Multi-company (Unlimited)
No yearly maintenance fees
Context sensitive help
24/7 support via email
Comprehensive users manual
FREE yearly tax updates

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